Self-love coaching for women, dreamers, and creative 

Learn how to love yourself and reignite your self-worth so you can confidently direct your own life. With a “lean in” approach that helps you carve your own path, you’ll create an everyday life and version of yourself that you can be proud of. 



Travel inwards, carve your own path, and create a life of purpose.

If I could tell you one thing, it would be that the only way to find yourself is to travel within. Your soul doesn’t reside in another country. It’s not waiting to express itself when you find that dream job or partner. Your soul, your identity, your happiness, is right there in front of you, but you can’t see it from your perspective. Let me help you find it.

I’m a self-love and transformational life coach who will guide you to the confident, content, and calm woman you know you can be.

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21 Day Guide to Self-Love

Consider the cost of being in the exact same place 365 days from now. Don’t stay lost when the destination exists, and you have a map to get there.

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Author, podcast host, travel photographer + certified transformational life coach

Hey you. I’m Taj, a London-based self-love coach

I travelled the world to find myself, but came home feeling more lost than ever. It wasn’t until I faced myself and focused inward that I realised what was getting in the way. It was me. I was stopping myself from becoming who I was meant to be. Slowing down and finding my purpose was the best thing I’ve ever done. Now I help women who are lost, stuck, confused, or looking for more. The beautiful thing is, you already have what you’ve been searching for. You just need to bring forth the part of yourself that has been there all along.

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Find the Courage to Love Your Own Body

You were not born to hate the vessel that holds you— it is not your fault for wishing you looked differently than you do.


Travelling the World Was Life-Changing…& Also a Form of Escapism

I came home feeling broke, depressed, and more lost than ever. Here’s how I found healing from there. 

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The Not So Perfect Podcast

Tune in every Thursday for heart-centered conversations about self-love, self-doubt, and embracing imperfection.


Little by Little Poetry Book

Little by Little is a collection of poetry and prose that will help you slowly and softly step back into your identity. It’s a journey of becoming and going back to who you’ve always been.

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21 Day Guide to Self-Love

Learn the importance of putting yourself first with self-love exercises, meditations, and journal prompts. Put in the work and start prioritising yourself with this 58-page ebook.

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1:1 Coaching That Will Empower You To Create a Life With Purpose

This is where your self-discovery journey begins. I’ll teach you how to love yourself and make the most of your potential with tailored techniques you can use for the rest of your life.

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“Taj is an amazing coach and human. She gets to the root cause of what’s holding you back.

- Courtney, 1:1 Coaching Client

“Having Taj as a coach was an amazing experience for my personal growth. She was so supportive at every step..

- evelyn, 1:1 Coaching Client

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Know Yourself: 30 days of Self-Discovery

Look within and discover yourself. Through a series of journal prompts, you'll get past the surface of who you are and shed light on where you want to be. 

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