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Confidently impact the result of your world by learning how to trust yourself, make decisions, and direct your own life. Loving your life starts with loving yourself.

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You can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to be all-in with yourself to feel like the rest of your life is in order.

Self-love will create a ripple effect that impacts everything and everyone around you. If you’re feeling lost, drained, overwhelmed, or inadequate, it starts with you. If your job isn’t panning out, your business is stagnating, or your relationships are wavering, I know it hurts, but it starts with you. What is your relationship like with yourself?

When you love yourself, you’ll love your life. Self-love drives confidence, results, and growth so you can land that dream job, be the best friend anyone could ask for, travel with intention and step into your power. 

This is self-love

Find happiness in the little moments

Contentment can always be found in the little things — coffee in the morning, podcasts that speak your language, and ordinary moments that become extraordinary if you’re simply present. Let’s identify what those moments are for you.


You don’t need to travel to every continent to “find yourself” or seek validation from others to know what’s right for you. You have the answers if you search inward. To this end, I encourage women to travel with intention and to first discover and love themselves at home. I’ll show you how

Shift the internal voice

What you say to yourself speaks volumes. To quiet the mean girl in your head, you need to embrace a positive, empowering, and encouraging perspective. This shift will foster a journey that empowers you to become the woman you want to be.

1:1 Coaching

Personalised help for women and creative entrepreneurs who are close to burn-out.

Get the support you need to break out of bad habits and move forward with a life that is calm, controlled, and everything you want it to be. I’ll help you get unstuck, grow with intention, and love every part of who you are.

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Feel confident in your decisions

Reach your goals

Break free from your own limitations

Create healthy boundaries

Live in the moment

Experience more joy

Group Coaching

Coming soon — for women who crave community and accountability.

Join a mindful group of women like you who are ready to reach their goals and overcome self-doubt. With weekly sessions, you’ll get support and guidance with a communal effect that results in a happier, more fulfilled life.

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Success Stories

Courtney - 3 straight months of business growth

“She was a huge support during a transformative period of my life and I could not have gotten through it without her support and encouragement. I stepped into my power and it trickled down into my business and personal life.”

Courtney was struggling with confidence and her financial situation too. She had a lot of ideas and needed help figuring out where to go. After working together, she was flooded with work opportunities, moved to a new country, and experienced the results of internal alignment.

Evelyn - mental + business growth

“Having Taj as a coach was an amazing experience for my personal growth. She was so supportive at every step. Taj made me understand the importance of self love and to trust myself and not rely on others for validation. Taj has helped me to grow in myself but also in my business.”

Evelyn felt like her life was all over the place. She didn’t know how to move forward with the moving pieces in her world. Now, her relationship with herself has changed tremendously, impacting work with her clients, her confidence, and more.

Dylan - started a business

“Working with Taj has been the best investment I have made. Since working with her, I have overcome self-doubt and started my photography business. I have stopped self sabotaging and holding myself back. I now have a clear path for the life I want to lead and I have the right mindset to accomplish anything I want to achieve. I highly recommend working with Taj and it really is an investment in yourself.”

Dylan felt like he was heading in the wrong direction and didn't know what to do with his life. He lacked the confidence to move forward and now, he’s launched his photography business and has the tools to grow it with intention.

i hope you understand

“Not knowing how to love yourself doesn’t make you unlovable. The doors will still open. You will find yourself in time.”

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Self-love is enjoying your own company, believing that you are enough, and making your own decisions with confidence. This inner connection will motivate you to create the dream life you’ve been putting off. You’ll stop falling prey to bad habits, distractions, and procrastination because you’ll believe in yourself and will step into your power.

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