Hey again, it’s Taj.

I get fulfillment from helping other women heal themselves, love themselves, and unapologetically be themselves.

I always thought travel would give me the answers I was looking for, but every new day exploring an unfamiliar city was just another day that my own purpose was left undiscovered — my questions left unanswered.

Let’s rewind for a moment. Before I travelled the world and before I became a self-love coach, I was a 16-year-old girl who didn’t know what she wanted for herself. Rather than leaning in to discover what I was meant for, I listened to others and followed their well-meaning, but inaccurate directions for my life.

I felt disconnected, but I didn’t know why.

I did as I was told, buttoning up my emotions and feelings in an attempt to appear strong, even though I felt anything but. I was told to study, go to school, and pursue a career in medicine. It could have been a beautiful dream, but it wasn’t my dream. I wanted more. I needed more. Wearing a fake identity took me nowhere but further away from myself.

Shy, introverted, and with only a handful of friends, I booked my first solo trip abroad in a desperate attempt to “find myself.” While it did amazing things for me, it was also a form of self-betrayal — another medium of escape from my life. Exploring the charismatic streets of Peru and hiking the dirt trails of Indonesia didn’t change my self-image issues and financial problems. I was still paralysed and suffering from anxiety and depression. When the trips ended and I landed back at home, I was still on a predetermined path — University, medical school, career.

I broke my spine, but I felt even more fragile inside.

All it took was one slip on an icy patch at a Japanese ski resort. My lower spine was broken. The recovery and experience was a massive wake up call. I realised that I was taking every single thing for granted — my body, my love for myself (or the lack thereof), and my life. 

This is the moment that my self-love journey began. For the first time, I meditated, wrote poetry, and experienced shamanic healing.

After I recovered from my spinal injury, I followed suit with my predetermined career. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science and paid for my entrance exam to medical school. In the days leading up to that test, 

I hit another breaking point. 

I didn’t want the life that was laid out in front of me so I didn’t show up for the exam. I grabbed my camera instead and started travelling, blogging, and growing a following on social media. 

I loved photography and travelling, but there was yet another disconnect. The impact and fulfillment was missing.

Even my own picture of happiness turned out to be inaccurate. I wasn’t listening to myself. I wanted — needed — to do more than “influence” and travel. I needed to make an impact that went beyond my own life. 

And then our entire world shifted.

A pandemic entered the stage and travelling was no longer an option. 

In the midst of this, I noticed a sense of despair in my online community. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to do something. I offered free group Zoom calls in which I led meditation and journaling sessions, encouraging vulnerable and open conversations. It was everything I needed and the feedback I received showed me that it wasn’t impacting just my life — it was impacting an entire group of women who needed more too. I took these live classes and transformed them into coaching programs, journal prompts, and more for women like you and me. 

My purpose, I’ve discovered, is to teach women how to love themselves, trust their decisions, and overcome anything that might be holding them back. 


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Fun Fact

Trained snowboard instructor

What I believe in

Being vulnerable, slowing down, inspiring others, and trusting your intuition

What I won’t stand for

Imposter syndrome, chasing material things, seeking outside validation, and doubting yourself

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“Feeling lost is a sign that you’re finally listening to yourself and no longer conforming to what is expected of you.”

— Taj Arora


I’ll be your self-love tour guide.

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