Tap into a life and love  for yourself that is deeper and more


With journal prompts + guided meditations for women

21 Day Guide to Self-Love

Within the 58 pages of this guide, you’ll learn how to prioritise your needs, listen to yourself, and create an emotional environment that you can thrive in. 

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Self-love is choosing yourself 
and believing that you are worthy.

That dream job? It’s yours. Joy in everyday life? It’s waiting for you. Self-love leads to growth in every area of your life. Start within and just wait until you see what happens next. You’ll feel more grounded, motivated, and aligned.


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Journal Prompts

Process your thoughts and emotions with guided prompts that help you quiet the noise in your mind.

This 58-page eBook includes



Quiet space and a quiet mind is essential for this kind of work. You’ll receive exclusive links to guided meditations, accessible via Youtube. 


Breathing exercises, mirror work, affirmations — if this is your first time or your 100th, I’ll guide you through exercises that will help you release tension and heal trauma.

This eBook Helped Women Like You

“Recently I’ve been feeling challenged to sit and be with myself. I’m finding that I try to distract myself with my external environment. The meditations included in the guide have really allowed me to look within and I’m learning so much about myself.”

- Courtney

“The guide really helped me dive deeper into my soul to love every part of who I am. Even after a week, I started to see and feel myself a little differently. I love how easy to digest each day was, while also maintaining depth in each lesson. I really loved working through it.”

- Ari

Accessible, practical, and magical. I’ve put my soul into this just for you.

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