Top Things to Do in Cusco, Peru

Situated in the Peruvian Andes at an elevation of 3,400 meters, Cusco is vibrant in its colonial historic architecture, incredible local cuisine, cobblestone streets and markets abundant in textiles of every color. Cusco serves more than a gateway to Machu Picchu and here’s why you might want to spend a few extra days in this city, with a list of things to do in Cusco. 

1. Plaza de Armas.

Once known as the Great Incan square (Huacaypata), Plaza de Armas is home to symbols of the Spanish conquest, the Cusco Cathedral, and the Church de la Compañia de Jesus. The plaza features colourful flowers and gardens alongside the statue of the Incan ruler Pachacuti. Lining the central square you will find coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and museums. Why not enjoy a morning coffee at Cappuccino Cusco or an afternoon beer as you watch the sunset from one of the restaurant balconies.  Maybe head to Paddy’s Irish Pub, Norton’s Rat Tavern or Cusco’s electronic and hip-hop club Mamma Africa for some late-night drinks and dancing.

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