I hope you know – A letter to my younger self

I hope you know

how proud I am of you

the decisions you made

the way you held yourself together

I hope you know

things will get better

the career you are chasing

will cease to exist

instead you will make room for something much bigger

You will learn to love yourself,

more than you have ever loved anyone

I hope you know

your heart still aches for adventure

stay with it

let it guide you

not the thoughts and opinions of others

I hope you know

The only one capable of manifesting your dreams

Is you

a perspective changing realisation

you won’t understand it now

the mistakes you made were never setbacks

Yet a lesson to be learnt



heck maybe a few

but you will eventually understand

the path it lead you to

The people that have such an importance in your life will leave

let them leave

I hope you know

how to cherish friendships and relationships while they last

don’t hold on longer than you need to

You will be hurt but unknowingly you will hurt others too

I hope you learn

to slow down

learning to love the process

no matter how difficult

I hope you realise,

each day

is like the single piece to a bigger puzzle

Equally as significant

Make it count


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